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Marketing Cannabis Under the Law

Marketing Cannabis Under the Law

In any state that has legalization there are still some pretty strict rules that govern just how you can market your dispensary.  These laws are constantly changing and staying up to date can be a full time job.  The laws surrounding dispensaries can  earn you some pretty heavy fines if you don’t play by the rules.  Check with your state to find out what you can and can’t do, this includes dispensaries, producers and processors of cannabis products.  Here are some basic laws that you need to be aware of.

For Retailers:

  • You can only have two signs that identify your business
  • No misleading advertising
  • You need to warn users of any side effects and any potential abuse  of cannabis
  • Do NOT target youth or anyone under the age of 21, so never use toys or cartoons to promote your brand
  • Do not portray cannabis as any kind of medicine or a cure for any potential diseases

Where You Can Advertise

Cannabis is not like selling soap you can’t just slap your ads on a billboard anywhere you want and call it a day.  There are laws in every state that will govern where you can put your signage and advertising.  Here are some of the rules you need to follow.

  • You cannot advertise anywhere near schools, rec centers, child care facilities or anywhere that is regularly frequented by minors.
  • You cannot advertise on public property, so you will never see your dispensary on the side of a bus or a park bench

Warning Labels

All of your advertising must come with the right warning labels, just like alcohol or tobacco.  All your products should have the following.

Here are some guidelines to follow.

You should also be aware that while you can have pages for your dispensary on social media, you’re not going to be able to advertise there.  These too are heavily regulated.  You will also not be able to sell your cannabis online.  You want legal cannabis users to make their way to your dispensary and marketing is part of how that happens.  Working with an experience cannabis marketing agency who understands the rules, that is how you make that happen.

Getting into Google Maps

Getting into Google Maps

Google is hands down the most widely used search engine in the world, and even locally it is the first place people turn to when looking for a business or service.  As a business owner getting to the front page of Google and into the maps section is one of the best ways to reach your clients.  You need potential customers to not only be aware that you exist but also other information about your business like where you are and how to get there. Putting together your Google My Business listing and eventually making your way to the top of the maps listing should be one of the goals of you and your SEO agency.  Let’s show you the steps for getting into Google Maps.

Create a Google My Business Listing

You will not only need to list your business here but make sure that it is optimized as well.  Here are the steps involved.

The first thing you want to do is head over to and get started.  You will need to be signed into your Google account to get the process rolling.  Now you are going to either enter your business name or business phone number to see if Google has any information at all regarding your business.  If they do then you’re going to want to claim your listing, if not then it is time to start filling in the information.  You want all the pertinent things like name, address and phone number to be correct.

Now let’s get down to optimizing your listing!

Optimize Your Business Listing

Fill in every field that you can and make sure that you include things like the hours that you are open.  Are your hours seasonal and do you open on holidays.  Update the listing regularly to make sure that you are passing that onto your customers.  You can end up with negative reviews if your information is not correct.  Imaging a customer showing up to grab a medical marijuana prescription and your business is closed.

Add Lots of Photos

Add plenty of photos to your business listing; show your customers what your dispensary looks like.  Use very high quality photos and you might even consider bringing a professional photographer to take the pictures for you.

Encourage Reviews

Always give your customers a link to where they can leave reviews for your business.  Respond to both negative and positive graciously and like a professional.  Today businesses live and die by their reviews so address any issue promptly.  Always thank people that leave positive reviews.